By Peter Pukhnoy 1265543

On 4 of my 5 total flights with AFV, I've encountered at least one occurence of this glitch. It starts out of nowhere when someone is transmitting and stops with the transmission.

I was actually surprised to hear the loud audio in the video because what I was hearing when this was happening was the complete opposite - everything was muted, including the sim.
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#541374 Are you still experiencing this?
If not, how did you solve it?

I just made a complete reinstall of my whole PC, reformatted my harddrives etc. and I got this issue now. Not as bad as you on this video, but it is there. Reducing the output level to the lowest solve the issue almost, but then I am missing the radio effects like the "clicking" etc. I have tried looking through all different windows settings to see if I could find anything but no luck.