By Aman Khan 1280308
#538196 Hey!

I just updated to the new version of vpilot for the new voice update but when I load into the sim and log in onto vpilot I can hear all the text noises and everything else except people talking. I can see the RX button and when its blue someone is talking but I cant hear anyone. I updated NET framework and my output devices. I also never dealt with a problem like this.

Thank You!
By finley lewis 1456615
#538197 I have this issue as well; the text box shows that I'm connected to the correct frequency but I cannot receive any voice messages nore transmit despite setting up my MIC, whenever I try to speak the transmit button appears but nothing seems to be getting through. I can also receive text messages and reply which dosnt make sense. Any help would be appreciated.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#538587 Some things to check:

Ensure your volume sliders are set correctly for both incoming and outgoing.
Ensure your selected audio devices (input and output) both work fine in other applications.
Ensure your Windows audio settings are not causing a conflict.
Try running vPilot as an administrator.