By Thomas Goermer 1345431
#538690 Hello there!

after a long break of flying, I decided to reinstall my sim (P3Dv4 and vPilot). However, when I tune a frequency into my com, I don't hear any pilots or controllers. The RX button shows up on the top. The controllers can hear me, but not the other way around.

I tried a lot of things to fix that kind of problem but without any positive result.
My account is still active (checked)
Tried different servers (checked)
Configured output devices (checked)
Right frequency (checked)
or (checked)

I hope someone got an idea how to solve this problem :(
Thanks for your time!
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By Justin Shannon 1215759
#538691 Do none of your output audio devices work?

Someone had a similar issue with xPilot; upgrading their audio device driver solved the issue. viewtopic.php?f=157&t=80071