By Rainer Jurczyk 1058643
#538848 Hi Ross,
a suggestion from my point of view as a user of a home cockpit:
Would it be possible to make switching to COM1/2 receive on/off and to toggle COM1/2 transmit accessible by a joystick button press or a keyboard command? It is little bit annoying to do that wit the dot-commands on a micro keyboard with my old thick fingers :wink: .
By the way: vPilot is absolutely perfect to use it on a small not disturbing screen in a home cockpit, as it shows all really needed informations clearly in one window without need to switch through menus. Please keep that layout or at least the possibility to have that.
By Simon Kelsey 810049
#538885 Hi Rainer,

The COM1/COM2 radio selection is driven by your aircraft, not by vPilot.

I'm fairly sure it's possible to map COM1/COM2 transmit/receive on/off to a keyboard or joystick button in the FSX/P3D control assignments?