By Ross Carlson 887155
#540144 I can't change the label on those buttons because they are physically too small to contain the words "minimize" and "exit". However, I did set the Accessible Name property on the buttons, and I assume your screen reader can make use of that value. Give it a try with this version: ... .4.2.1.exe

Note that I did not set the Accessible Name property on the other buttons like Connect, Mode C, etc. because those buttons have textual labels. Let me know if I should also set the Accessible Name property on those buttons, or on any other controls.

And you can certainly do streams with this version. Thanks for asking.
By Sarah Alawami 1469385
#540175 You are most certainly welcome. I'm slowly getting better, but I'm sure someone will beat me to the test. Lol! Thanks again for doing this, you are one of the few developers who are willing to try and make the experience a good one for us.

By the way did anyone test the contact me messages thing yet where it is now hopefully a read only box instead of an odd control nvda doesn't like? I will install the update probably tomorrow after I'm done with work and meetings.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#540191 Sarah, I'm not sure what you mean about the contact me messages. Those should appear just like any other private message tab. Can you elaborate?
By Joshua Tubbs 1382787
#540283 Hi Ross and all,

I just have a few minor complaints thus far. When switching tabs, no matter if it's the messages tab or the notes tab, I don't like that focus immediately jumps to the command text box. I'd rather the focus simply stay on the tabs, and then we can tab or shift tab depending on what we want to view. If I were to go to the tab control from the notes tab which is selected and left arrow to the messages tab, focus immediately jumps to the command edit box where we have to shift tab to get to the read only messages. I haven't tried private messages yet, but I assume the behavior is the same.

So yeah. If we can fix that, when you browse to the messages tab and focus doesn't move, the tab order is the read only message box with messages as I would expect, followed by the command edit area.

As I type this, I tested the notes tab. I just made a test note, is there a way to delete that?

Also, perhaps the command edit area should be labeled for each tab. Right now screen readers simply say edit, and having the edit area labeled, perhaps with an accessible property for such, would make it easier to distinguish the tab that is currently in focus. Right now we can just shift tab but that's a minor suggestion that isn't terribly needed but would make the app all that much more accessible.

By Joshua Tubbs 1382787
#540284 Also, a minor feature suggestion that isn't really necessary that I'd love to have: In ContactMe messages or in the .atclist dump, perhaps a feature can be added where enter on one of the options in the ATC list or contact me messages does the following:
A: Immediately jumps to the command area with the .com1 filled in with the associated frequency.
B. Simply autotunes it.

I know this would be pretty helpful when no ATC is online for your approach except the tower. Being able ti simply press enter on the tower option in the ATC list is a lot quicker than remembering the frequency and typing the command. Perhaps it may bring down the realism a bit but it sounds more productive to me.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#540286 Having the focus jump to the command entry when a tab is selected is deliberate, so that when a user clicks on a tab, they don't have to then click in the command entry to begin typing.

As for the autotune thing, that's not really possible the way you describe because the entries in the .listatc dump are not individual controls that can react to a keypress. They're just text in a large multi-line text box.

The only way to delete notes in the notes tab is to clear the entire notes tab with the .clear command.
By Robin Kipp 1443200
#540331 Hey Ross,

I'm another one of those BVI pilots, and just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate the hard work you're putting into making VPilot more accessible, this is truly fantastic!

I'm currently recovering my gaming system from an SSD failure, but should be back up in the air tomorrow hopefully.

Really looking forward to trying out the enhancements that you've been making to the program, but mostly I am just so happy that it's finally possible to tab into the messages text field for things like private messages and such.

I'm still really new to VATSim, so haven't got as much experience using VPilot on a regular basis as some of the other posters. I still tend to get a little bit hectic upon receiving a contact me message while flying, and I've definitely been in situations where I'd tab around the VPilot UI searching for the read-only text field containing the controller's frequency, only to remember at some point that I'd actually have to use a different navigation mode in my screen reader to find it.

The fact that this is no longer a thing really has me excited, and I think the .listatc command will make things so much easier as well.

Thank you for being so super responsive and willing to adapt the program to our needs, you've made the world a more inclusive place by writing those extra lines of code!

By Ross Carlson 887155
#540373 Thank you to Robin and others in this thread, for the kind words and positive feedback.

I think it's fantastic that you're able to enjoy this hobby. As I was developing vPilot, it frankly never occurred to me that the user base would include blind persons. If it had, I would have built in accessibility from day one. Better late than never, I suppose.

To make tuning controller frequencies and responding to contact me messages easier, I just made a few changes. You can now tab to the tree view that contains all active controllers, and navigate up and down the list with the arrow keys. If you have a controller selected in the tree, and you press Enter, it will tune that controller's frequency on COM1. The controller list is last in the tab order, immediately following the Exit button. So probably the quickest way to get there would be to Shift-Tab twice from the main command line, but that's up to you of course. Let me know if I should change the tab order.

Also, I added the .tune command. This command is intended to be entered on the command line in a private message tab. If the private message tab is for a controller, it will tune that controller's frequency on COM1. So if you receive a contact me message, and you switch to the resulting private message tab, you can just type .tune and it will switch to the controller's frequency.

Note that this won't help you if the controller sends you a private message telling you to tune some frequency other than his or her actual primary frequency, but that essentially never happens. (That might become commonplace in the near future when controller's start covering multiple frequencies, and at that point I will implement a different solution for you, which actually reads the frequency from the contact me message that you receive.)

The .tune command can also take a callsign as a parameter, and it will tune that callsign's primary frequency, if the callsign exists as an active controller. For example:

.tune BOS_CTR

Here's where you can download the new version: ... .4.2.2.exe

Please give it a go and let me know how it works out. If these changes provide a better way for you to peruse the controller list and tune frequencies, let me know if I can remove the .listatc command. I'd rather not keep that command if it is redundant and not as useful as the controller list. (If the .listatc command is useful in its own right, then I'm happy to leave it in there ... I just don't want to keep it if it will never be used.)
By Robin Kipp 1443200
#540416 Ross,

This is totally awesome!

Just completed a flight from KBWI to KMIA with the new client, and as far as VPilot is concerned that was a super smooth experience.

The fact that the tree view showing active controllers is now accessible is invaluable, I did look at it a couple times throughout the flight while flying in uncontrolled airspace to check which nearby controllers might possibly send a contact me my way.

The .tune command really saved me big time on approach into KMIA, because it just so happened that Miami Center came on while I was in the middle of preparing for touchdown, and then sent me a contact me PM.

I then quickly switched to the VPilot window, selected the controller's private message tab, saw that it was Miami Center reaching out to me, punched in the .tune command and then started communicating with them immediately - that entire process probably took only about 10 or 15 seconds.

If I'd actually had to read the contact me message, find the frequency then type it in, this likely would have taken another 5 seconds or so - really not a lot of extra time, but at that stage of the flight it kind of mattered to be quick.

So, great job coming up with this idea, it may seem like a small improvement on the surface but really it's a truly awesome time saver!

I think now that the tree view is accessible, it's probably reasonable to remove the .listatc command again BTW, the tree view is easier to navigate in my opinion.

Now here's another suggestion, but no idea if that's actually possible.

Could there be a way, perhaps in the tree view, of showing a controller's phonetic callsign?

For example, Frankfurt Airport (EDDF) has a station that shows up as EDDF_N_APP, so you could think that it's an approach controller.

However, it actually is a station called Langen Radar which is a center, so if I were to address them as "Frankfurt approach" on frequency this would not be correct.

VATSpy does show the correct name of most stations in the "Facility Name" column, so there's probably some way of pulling this info from the network.

So just wondering, could this bit of info perhaps be presented somewhere in VPilot as well?

Maybe it's already there and I just haven't seen it yet, that's definitely a possibility as well :-).

Many thanks, keep up the great work!

By Ross Carlson 887155
#540419 Hi Robin, I'm glad the changes were beneficial.

I'm afraid the controller's radio callsign is not available to vPilot. VAT-Spy takes that info from a master data file that installs with VAT-Spy.

The only thing I could suggest would be to pull the controller's text info, which you can do with ".atis EDDF_N_APP" and often the controller will include their radio callsign in their ATIS. Note that you can also fetch the controller's text info (ATIS) by right clicking on their entry in the tree. (Not sure if your screen reader gives you a keyboard command to issue a right click or not. I know some keyboards have a menu key which does the same thing.)
By Robin Kipp 1443200
#540432 Hey Ross,

Thank you so much for the info!

I wasn't aware that the .atis command could be used to pull additional details about any controller, thought that was only there to get textual weather information.

That way of figuring out the radio callsign will do just fine I think, and invoking the context menu on a controller in the tree view should also work without a problem so really we should be all set!

Thanks again for being so incredibly supportive and understanding of our needs.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#540439 My pleasure!

Note that it's up to the controller to put whatever info they want in their ATIS ... some leave it blank, some put in a URL for leaving feedback, etc. Some also put their radio callsign. So it'll be hit-or-miss, but worth a check.
By Tyler Rodick 1373864
#547051 Hi Ross,

I'm just now seeing this topic. Any idea when will hit the stable channel? It seems like we've let this one lapse for quite some time, and I just want to bump it back to the top. I'm also one of the blind pilots, like others who have posted here. It'd be nice to have the new build generally available rather than having to search through the forums for it. LOL

Tyler Rodick
By Ross Carlson 887155
#547135 I'm waiting until I have other functionality to release, stuff that is relevant to the entire user base. I suggest you download the installer and keep it on your hard drive so you don't have to search the forums in case you need to install it again at a later time.