By Ross Carlson 887155
#547789 This is now in the release version, 2.4.4, which I just released in order to update the voice code to incorporate some efficiency changes the AFV team made recently.
By Sarah Alawami 1469385
#547888 I don't have v2.4 as of yet but I flew on vatsim for the first time and second time two weeks ago, and, my god, what a very positive experience. The client was accessible and I was even able to change freqs easily. Thanks so mush. I don't yet know how to turn com two off as of yet if I need to tune into an atis , but I'll learn that one later. Again thanks for such a positive experience, as far as the VPilot client.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#547909 You're very welcome.

Regarding the com radios, if you want to listen to an atis on com two while talking to ATC on com one, you just need to enable receive on both com radios, which you can do in your aircraft, or with the ".com both" command. When you are ready to switch back to receiving only on com one, issue the ".com 1" command.