By Stephan Ricci 871572
#539995 Hello

I cannot choose my type of aircraft from recently-used aircraft.
So I try to insert it with the choose of the dropdown menu, but there is no B747-400F (Cargo)

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,
Stephan Ricci, LSZH
By Roger Hanson 816314
#540005 According to the ICAO database these are the B74xx variants (see here)

    BOEING VC-25 B742
    BOEING E-4 B742
    BOEING BBJ (747-8) B748
    BOEING 747SR B74R
    BOEING 747SP B74S
    BOEING 747-8 BBJ B748
    BOEING 747-8 B748
    BOEING 747-400 B744
    BOEING 747-300 B743
    BOEING 747-200 B742
    BOEING 747-100 B741