By James Horgan 815239
#540024 Hi Ross,

I know from talking to Gary this idea is being knocked around, but is there a way to map multiple PTT or inputs to vpilot to cater for those of us with home cockpit setups? One thing I've thought about is having someone connected in observer mode, however this is not ideal.

Is there any plan for an API? That way I could send the relevant PTT directly from Jeehell (the sim software), as it has a software intercom built in.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#540048 As you mentioned, the idea is being considered, but there is no way currently to configure multiple PTT.

However, plugins have the ability to trigger PTT, so if you have .net programming ability, that would be a way to trigger PTT from a third party app. You would make a plugin that (for example) listened on a socket for PTT on/off instructions from a remote app, or watched for keypresses of a secondary PTT key or button.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#540070 You would create a vPilot plugin, and vPilot plugins have the ability to turn PTT on/off. Some basic instructions on creating plugins can be found here: