By Kim Tae Hwan 1283361
#540263 Update to 2.4.0 version An error window pops up
Unhandled Exception: Could not load file or assembly "File: /// C: \ Users \ Username \ Appdata \ Local \ vpilot \ Ninject.Extensions.Factory.dll" or one of the dependent files or assemblies. HRESULT thrown exception: 0x80131515)
This error Window appears and vpilot does not run.
After updating to 2.4.0, that window pops up and I can't do VATSIM because vpilot is not running.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#540340 I'm afraid I don't know what would cause this. You said it started with version 2.4.0 but that DLL file has been part of vPilot since way before that version came out. I'm really not sure what to suggest.