By David Carr 1470799
#540305 Hi All,

I recently became an enthusiast and use FSX gold edition on my Windows 10 PC. I have watch a lot of YouTube videos on VATSIM and would love to connect and play. I have an issue. I have tried installing vPilot and when i run through the installer is installs but then i get an error and the application will not open. the error states [b][u]"unhandled exception simconnect not found"

Could someone advise on how to fix this? i cant see anything online about fixing.

thanks in advance
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By Don Desfosse 1035677
#540313 That's strange. It's been many years since I stopped using FSX, but if I remember correctly, I also had the Gold package. It included the Acceleration pack, which I thought included Simconnect.

I wonder if you may need to repair your FSX installation (or manually reinstall SimConnect from your DVDs).

I just did a quick google search and found this -- wonder if it might be of any help. ... v61612590/

Good luck.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#540336 I use P3Dv4 with vPilot. Love it. Dramatic improvement from FSX. My old machine was croaking on FPS with add-on aircraft and scenery, and finally had enough of the stuttering, so decided to buy a new, capable machine. Wanted 64 bit application to take advantage of my new specs. Liked the idea of P3D as an evolution from FSX. At the time, there wasn't a great client for XPlane so never tried it. I just figured I'd have an easier time transitioning to P3D. Of course I've still spent a few paychecks on aircraft and scenery (don't tell my wife!), but even out of the box it was a dramatic improvement over FSX, and with the add ons I'm pretty happy!

XPlane has a free trial, and P3D has a refund policy, so you could not go wrong trying either.