By Maxwell Symons 1078422
#540761 When I installed VPilot a little while ago I was in a bit of a rush, so hurried through the set-up where the default substitutions are defined.
Wanted to get flying, and thought - "I'll go back and correct them later", so set all the substitutions (e.g. jet airliner, multi-engine, single engine etc.) to my microlight.
Now of course (unless the aircraft is in my "Simobjects/Airplanes" folder I see everything as that microlight!
I can't see how to "go back and correct them"!
Is tyhere a method, or do I have to remove VPilot from my system and start al over again?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#540768 What do you mean by "all the substitutions (e.g. jet airliner, multi-engine, single engine etc.)"?

It sounds like you're talking about the default model, but there is only one default model, not a separate one for each of those aircraft types, so I'm confused by your question.
By Maxwell Symons 1078422
#540914 Yes/sorry it is most probably myself who is confused. (Getting vPilot mixed up with my "multiplayer" application!) However almost still the same query - How do I change that default model? (I'd prefer it to be a Cessna 172 rather than the microlight I set up in my hurry to get flying!)
I think I've found how to adjust it manually by editing the "vPilotConfig.xml" file by using Notepad, but knowing my ability to mess things up I'd like/prefer to do it via the program's interface!