By Jerry Swalling 1095648
#540958 vPilot went into my Win 8 computer just fine.
Loading vPilot into my Win10/64 bit has problems.
I first load FSX Deluxe
After loading the latest vPilot ver 2.4.0 from vatsim and after completing settings, I connect and get "[21:12:12] SimConnect Error: VERSION_MISMATCH 5".
I went to simconnect to get the latest version.
I tried loading as admin. and without.
I have tried rebooting.

Do I need a newer version of simconnect?

By Ross Carlson 887155
#541286 The docs state that SP2 is required, but nobody reads documentation anymore, so I'll probably add code to trap this error and show a message that tells you to install SP2. :D