By Matthew Marshall 1046293
#541129 Hi All,

I don't use VATSIM all that much so was looking forward to using the new software update. I updated my VPilot and now I can't seem to listen to any ATC.

I don't have a MIC connected, but all other settings are as before, which allowed me to use TEXT but receive AUDIO clearances and instructions etc.

Anyone whos in the know have any idea on a fix?

Thanks Matt
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#541245 Yep, voice comms will not work unless you have both an output and input device plugged in. We know it's a PITA, but for now it os what it is :S
By Dirk Karmelk 1282192
#541633 Nestor,
Am I understanding you correctly that I will have to acquire 2 separate devices namely 1 for listening and the other for speaking and that my presently fully functioning headset (both listening/speaking) will not work correctly in view of the ne Codec system?
At present I logon to vPilot and all works fine for approximate 10 to 20 minutes after which I get the following message in RED,
Quote Disconnect from voice server. Reason: Lost connection,

Dirk Karmelk
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#541634 @Dirk:
If your headset shows up as an output device and your headset mic shows up as an input device, you are fine.
Periodic disconnection from the voice server after it works fine for a bit is a separate issue from what's being discussed here.