By Randy Rubin 827362
#541595 I have seem many requests for this and would like to also request this feature be added or if there is another solution. Is it possible to have the audio (input and output) for com1 and com2 go to separate inputs/outputs? Here is my example. I have a set of speakers using the sound card in the PC for all the aircraft sounds, and am using USB headset/mic for ATC. At times I would like to route the audio, com2 to the speakers ie ATIS. or route the ATC to both speakers and headset. I could write a separate program to route the audio, but the issue is that com 1 & 2 are not separate streams that are exposed outside vPilot. I believe I could use jackaudio to do some of this, but it would be clunky at best since you would have to control this from outside P3d.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#541596 Hi Randy,

You said you've seen many requests, but this is only the second one that I can recall. A related and far more common request is the ability to quickly (with a single click) reroute ATC audio to a different audio device, for when you step away from the sim for a moment. That is a feature that I'm planning to add at some point.

Having a separate audio device (input and output) for each COM radio is a much more niche feature, mainly useful for home cockpit builders with dual-seat configurations. It would also require separate PTT controls per radio. It's pretty unlikely that I'll add such a feature, due to the limited audience, but who knows. It's not currently possible with AFV anyway. (AFV currently only supports a single input device and a single output device.)

After re-reading your post, are you sure you need separate input and output devices for each radio? Sounds like you could get what you want with just separate output devices.
By Randy Rubin 827362
#541597 I have seen the request on other forums other than this. Your correct, I could get away with being able to route to a separate or muxed output device.. I have written some example code that would handle this using nAudio API. There are a few issues as stated. I don't exclusive access to the com1/2 audio streams. I would also have to integrate this into P3d(I don't think that is a huge lift). Currently I never hear the audio from com2, but I also haven't tried the .com both command yet. Overall, I think having the ability to control the audio in a more realistic way would be worth the effort or at least the ability to do some basic routing. Let me know if I can help in anyway.