By Bruno Audoux 1226422
#544420 Hi,
I know that it is a recurrent problem and every case is different... forgive me, I could not find any help through forums...
I flew a formation mission with a friend, and we were flying the same aircraft (M2M Mirage 2000). Once connected with my bird under P3Dv4, I saw him as a F14 (which is not my default model). As for him, under FSX, he saw me as an F18...
Over the 32 models existing, none is identified. I tried to disable some of them, but no joy.


Regarding my other add-ons, I have the same problem with the A400, Rafale... when my C17 and PC21 lists are fully identified
Could someone help me finding a solution? I am hoopeless
Thanks in advance
By Ross Carlson 887155
#544438 If a model is not identified, that means its aircraft.cfg file does not define a proper aircraft type code, so vPilot has no way of knowing what type of aircraft the model represents. Therefore it cannot possibly use it for model matching. There are two ways that you can teach vpilot how to use a model for model matching. One is to edit the aircraft.cfg file and put a proper type code in the atc_model line. (For airliners, you also need to put a proper airline code in the atc_parking_codes line ... this is not necessary for military and GA aircraft since those obviously don't have an airline code.)

The other way is to create a custom model matching rules file. The vPilot documentation has details.
By Bruno Audoux 1226422
#544498 Thanks Ross for your explanation.
Unfortunately I cannot find the line ATC_MODEL...
Should I create that line?
Please see below one of the many aircraft.
title=M2K-C 12-YJ
ui_variation=Cambresis 12-YJ
ui_typerole="Single Engine Fighter Jet"
ui_createdby="Metal2Mesh LLC"
atc_parking_types=MIL_COMBAT, MIL_CARGO, GATE, RAMP

I tried ti assign the ICAO code MIR2 of the Mirage 2000 in the line UI_TYPE but cannot see any other place in the ATC options where I could enter this code...
Thanks for more assistance
By Ross Carlson 887155
#544537 Since the aircraft type code is the same for all of the [fltsim.xx] sections in the aircraft.cfg file, the atc_model is kept in the [General] section.