By Ross Carlson 887155
#546373 It is not currently possible, though I do believe the AFV devs have plans for supporting that in the future. And I will need to update vPilot's UI to allow you to configure a different audio device per COM radio as well. Note that this will not enable your ASP to control volumes, this will only allow you to route COM1 and COM2 to separate audio devices. Being able to control volumes from an ASP is a totally different thing. That too has been discussed as a future feature, though.
By Norman Blackburn 870575
Joshua Katz 1262151 wrote:Out of interest, how is the fslabs a320 able to control volume of vpilot through their asp?

We use magic :)

That only works though with vPilot volume in its entirety. As Ross has mentioned, the underlying structure needs to change first.