By Tommy Engman 953135
#548074 Hallo.
Closing in on arrival in EKCH during the EKCH RTE Event , 4000ft, vPilot freezes. I hear ATC calling me (almost desperately) but he can't hear my reply. So closing vPilot, reopening and reconnecting I get in touch with next controller - EKCH_APP. Getting to ILS descent 400ft to TD, vPilot freezes again. I hear ATC telling others that "that aircraft is frozen". Before I lose the connection I see that SUP sends a message. Can't read it though, vPilot is frozen.

What can be the reason? I am running W10 64 Pro, Core i3-6100, GTX 1060 3gb, latest vPilot. Is it vPilot, internet MBPS, or something else I should look for?

Tommy Engman ESNU