By Evan Reiter 1314720
#515887 This may have already been asked for...if so, I apologize for a double-post. Didn't see it in the board.

When doing route amendments, I'm told (by another controller) that real-world ERAM has the ability to insert the current location of the aircraft into the route (so the amended route would be something like ./.BOS011033.SEY.ROBER2). However, I don't see an option for that in vERAM. Is it something we could request?

In addition to the realism benefits, this would be helpful as in some cases when I try to shortcut aircraft (i.e., change "LUCOS SEY ROBER2 to CCC ROBER2"), I need to insert a reference point at the beginning or vERAM just changes the route but doesn't delete out the first waypoints (i.e., I get "LUCOS CCC ROBER2" instead of "CCC ROBER2"). Can't quite figure out which scenarios those are yet, but either way having this feature would be handy.