By Josh Glottmann 1275389
#497762 I haven't tested this in all scenarios but here's how to create the bug:
1) Track a departure (I think it'll work for an arrival too).
2) Aircraft lands, track's dropped, etc.
3) Aircraft now tries to depart
4) Attempt tracking with a DM or Autotrack

What happens is rather than tracking the aircraft, you get the "FLIGHT ACTIVE" error. At that point, the only way to track the aircraft is to "QT SLEW CALLSIGN". It's not that big of a bother, but I feel like I'm supposed to be able to DM/Autotrack the aircraft if they're departing, regardless of them being a tracked flight before.
By Benton Wilmes 965807
#499740 Just trying to imagine using this in real world Ross...

Only situation I can think of is someone doing a full stop, taxi back and depart again. In a case like that, the center (assuming they work the approaches into that airport) would just drop the track at some point so it wouldn't reacquire when they departed again. We would have to manually start the track again. The only way for a DM to work would be a if we removed the flight plan and the tower or us put a new one in and departed it when the aircraft departed again (lot of extra work so wouldn't happen :wink: ). For a touch and go, we wouldn't drop the data block at all. It would go into coast if it dropped below radar but would reacquire once we get them back on the radar off the other end of the runway.

If you manually drop a track, it won't reacquire unless you start a track again. You can't DM either as the flight is already active.

I don't believe this is an error but might want to double check my thinking Ross.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#499744 Hrm... makes sense. I was thinking it's a bug because the flight should not be considered active once track is dropped, but from what you're saying, that's not the case.
By Benton Wilmes 965807
#499745 Correct. Dropping the track doesn't make the flight "inactive" but literally just drops the track. There is a set time limit where the system will flush the flight plan but I'm not sure what that is (I'm sure it's facility specific).