By Andrew Doubleday 844751
#498446 Fantastic program, addicted... 100%. Fully reminds me of my days training on the system in school. Love the realism it provides.

One things I've noticed, and this is very possibly me making some sort of mistake, is that LDB's will occasionally display highlighted brighter than normal (this sometime even occurs with FDBs) as if the dwell function is permanently enabled on the aircraft for some reason. Can't seem to figure out how to disable that or what might be causing it. Any suggestions appreciated.


By Andrew Doubleday 844751
#498514 Yep, clicking on the datablock appears to enable and disable dwell...


By Dhruv Kalra 878508
Andrew Doubleday 844751 wrote:Yep, clicking on the datablock appears to enable and disable dwell...



Yeah, that's called dwell lock. Most places use that to either indicate comms status, or to highlight aircraft for pilot requests. ZMP has required the use of dwell lock to indicate aircraft comm status (highlight on check-in, un-dwell on frequency change) since NWA188 happened.
By William Lewis 957392
#498863 Other comm status indicators i see used:

/2 not hear yet, /1 here, /0 gone
/0 not on freq, /1 on freq
dwell locked not hear yet, undwelled here, /0 gone
8/6/2/4 data block directions here, 7/9/3/1 not here

I personally use /2 - /1 - /0 for comm status and Highlight to indicate something special (ei: lands in sector, starts descent in sector, Needs traffic call, did not read back instruction, NORDO, etc.).
By Benton Wilmes 965807
#499741 On the real system (can't remember if this was modeled or not), LDBs will "dwell" for any aircraft in your code list. That would be anyone in your airspace, any code you put in manually (such as all the VFR and military codes we have to monitor) or a flight coming into your airspace.

Not sure if that's what you were seeing or what...