By Donovan Patrick 1327883
#508159 Hello,

In the real ERAM system, it shows you an Aircraft List, a list of aircraft that are about to enter your sector. Why does the current version of vERAM not have this? It would make it easier to identify aircraft and plan ahead, instead of having to just "remember" callsigns when they call up. Just food for thought.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#508164 Mainly because I didn't want to open the many cans of worms collectively known as "flight data processing". The real system analyzes flight plans and determines when each flight will be crossing certain fixes at the boundary of your sector, in order to know which flights are arrivals, departures, or overflights, and which ones to ignore. This would involve having to define boundaries and posting fixes for each ARTCC and each sector within. Then you get into having to select which sector you're covering, dealing with combined sectors, etc. Definitely a massive amount of work for a pretty small payoff, so I decided not to go there.
By Ross Carlson 887155
Dominic Nguyen 1200795 wrote:That being said, anything that has to do with the D-Side and EDSTs is too far fetched because of FDP?

It might be a bit too much of a blanket statement to say that ANYTHING having to do with d-side/edst is out of the question. I mean, a basic list of flight plans for flights arriving/departing to/from airports in the ARTCC would be doable without FDP.