By Don Desfosse 1035677
#510191 Are you asking about VRC or vERAM? You posted in the vERAM forum, but asked about VRC. For VRC, the answer is yes, but you either need to do it from the flight strip bay (right click on the strip), or do F6 sectorID <asel> (as noted in the VRC command reference....)
By Russell DeSpain 1292757
Dhruv Kalra 878508 wrote:
Russell DeSpain 1292757 wrote:I goofed... it is for vERAM! Thanks gents!

vERAM does not use strips.

Right, but is there a functionality to send a strip to a controller working at a tower for inbound aircraft, or would they just have to wait on the arrival strip to either auto-populate or manually add?