By Andrew Doubleday 844751
#516934 Wondering if anyone can provide any insight into the new "Fence" line that was recently implemented into ERAM and if there might be any plans to incorporate this in a future update to vERAM? I've only heard some limited information it. Thanks.
By Andrew Doubleday 844751
#516940 Sounds good Ross. The information I was able to obtain speaking with a friend in the field tonight:

"The fence is an upsidedown "L" essentially that runs along the entire side of the left and top of the datablock. It can be toggled on/off. Most controllers have it off just because they aren't used to it so no change=good. The purpose of it is to be able to provide a divider to the eye between the datablock and the other info that they are now placing outside the fence. Currently, the stuff outside the fence consists only of the "R" if you don't have track control of the aircraft, the auto handoff inhibitor carrot, and our new comm status indicator. As nexgen and datacom continue to be rolled out, we are supposed to be getting more things outside of the fence which nobody is happy about for the obvious clutter reason."

So, essentially I guess it can be off for now, but I'm guessing that will be changing in the future.

Here's a rough example of how this looks on the scope when it's on:

^ | 300C
R|123 342
By Andrew Doubleday 844751
#516941 Apparently next to the callsign on the left side of the Fence is a comm indicator that shows when pilots on are frequency, looks like a small wifi symbol when the pilot is on, nothing displays when they are not on.

Ex: ... r.jpg?dl=0
By Brandon Rodgers 1077574
#516943 I don't know anyone who runs with the portal fence displayed in my area. But from what I've been led to believe. Eventually, there will be a white box in the same line with the aircraft id that indicated whether an aircraft is data communications capable. Below that is the Visual Communications Indicator and below that is the Track control tag.

From what I gather, they are trying their hardest to make everything that is displayed on the EDST displayable on the Radar screen as well. In the next couple of months, automated point outs will be introduced. I haven't gotten to play with the newest build of ERAM, but when you PVD (point out command) an aircraft, it will display a P above the aircraft's id on the radar screen. You will be able to click the P and it will display all sectors that have been PVD'd be you. The controller receiving the point out will be able to click on the P on their own screen and acknowledge the point out and the controller initiating the point out P should turn to an A. Again, we haven't gotten to play with it, only done some computer based training about it.

Another cool addition will eventually be that the VCI will automatically turn on when the aircraft has tuned your frequency.