By Andrew Morkunas 1017951
#518000 That is what is confusing, I either get an error "MESSAGE TOO LONG" or "MESSAGE TOO SHORT." I see the syntax - I was hoping for an example.
By Evan Reiter 1314720
#518005 I use this command quite frequently. There are a few tricks.

First, the aircraft has to be tracked and in the air. Second, the tracked aircraft has to not already have an active flight plan. So you can't, for example, create a flight plan for guy that might call on the ground with a VFR request; you need to write down his information, wait for him to get in the air, then track him and use the VP command.

An example would be "VP C172/U BOS N12345". You can't put an airport in there (but it could be multiple waypoints such as "BOS.V268.GRAYM"). If you want to modify the aircraft's arrival airport, you can do that by using the "AM N12345 RTE BOS.KBOS}" (remember, } becomes a down arrow on ERAM) command after the initial flight plan is entered.
By Josh Glottmann 1275389
#518015 Sometimes I find it easier to open up the flightplan window to enter a route (even though its unrealistic and all). The problem is you can't SR a plane if they haven't filed a flightplan. The trick around this is by adding a voice tag ("QB V N346G") and then you can SR them and edit the route/info that way.
By Andrew Morkunas 1017951
#518138 Thanks Evan that's what I was looking for. The situation is that the VP command could be used is for that VFR aircraft with no flight plan that wants flight following to needs to traverse a Class B.