By Donovan Patrick 1327883
#518441 So, I've started using "override high dpi scaling" on all of my programs that use OpenGL on my laptop. Before I did this, everything appeared blurry and overly zoomed on programs like VRC and vSTARS. For some reason, vERAM can't do this and I'm not sure why. It says "Can not activate GL Rendering Context," but VRC and vSTARs are able to function just fine when I enable that in compatibility settings.

The resolution on my laptop is 1980 x 1080 but the screen is 14 inches. If I want to run vERAM with HD resolution, I have to change the scaling from 150% (recommended) to 100% which makes everything on windows look small. I was wondering if anyone found a workaround for this. Thanks and I appreciate any suggestions you can offer (aside from switching to VRC or sticking 100% scaling). :)
By Ross Carlson 887155
#518459 Donovan and I already had a private message thread going about this, and I posted a test version of vERAM for him to try, which should fix the issue.

If anyone else is having the same problem, please give this build a try: ... .30953.exe