By Steven Perry 810054
#518647 Any chance the Hold List could be added as a feature in a future release?

When I get a stack of 10, I have trouble keeping the tags straight. Having a hold list with the callsign, fix, altitude, and EFC would be helpful... especially if it sorts by fix and altitude.

I'm not sure how the real thing works, but the ASRC version worked great for my purposes.

It's completely manual to add & remove, so no flight data processing required.

And while I'm posting... howabout .showstats?
By William Lewis 957392
Dominic Nguyen 1200795 wrote:Most of the hold info is entered via the EDST on the D-side, for now I guess a temp altitude and 4th line scratch an EFC..

It may be mostly entered via the EDST simply because of ease of use from a user stand point, but the EDST is just taking the information you type in there and converting it to a Q message that gets sent to ERAM. The same message string can be sent from either the D or R keyboard.

(Note: The above is real world information)