By Steven Perry 810054
#519549 Fun thing happened today. I came online and contactme'd a target about 30mi from the border with the next online ATC sector. Since he had no squawk, I immediately assigned one anticipating he would call me.

However, the traffic called the next sector. That ATC gave him a new squawk code.

The pilot squawked the new code, at which point I saw a FDB for half a second, then it reduced to a LDB.

The neighboring ATC's client (vERAM) then registered me as the owner of the track. My ATC client (vERAM) registered the neighboring sector as the owner of the track. We both confirmed by using the .OWN command and looking at our scope.

Neither of us could reassign a new squawk code, drop track, start track, or anything. I ended up solving the issue by logging off, neighboring ATC grabbed the track, and then I logged back on.

This shouldn't happen often, but I wonder if there's a tweak in the logic that could be made here. I think what happened is vERAM wanted to pick up a track on the CID as soon as the plane squawked the assigned code, even if some other controller had re-assigned the squawk code.

EDIT: He was using vERAM, not VRC.
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By Ross Carlson 887155
#519550 I think it must have been something else ... vERAM will only try to initiate track if the target squawks a code that you assigned. So if the other sector assigned a NEW code, and that new code was the one the pilot squawked, then your vERAM would not try to take track control.
By Steven Perry 810054
#519551 I started to edit my first post before I saw Ross's reply... turns out other controller was also in vERAM.

Anyway, I'm not sure what happened. I'll leave it up here just in case it happens to anyone else.
By Andrew Morkunas 1017951
#519668 I was controlling the other sector. As soon as the other controller disconnected the track transferred to me and I was able to manipulate the data tag and flight plan information.