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#530473 Good Day Everyone

With one of our instructors recently departing the team, the Gander Training Department is once again looking for talented individuals looking to assist Gander Oceanic with its training portfolio to continue delivering quality controllers into 2019 and beyond.

Gander Oceanic Instructor

Reports To:
Chief Instructor, Gander Oceanic (ZQO3)

Responsible For:
The training of new Gander Oceanic Applicants, getting them ready for their endorsement.

Minimum Requirements:
- Be a member in good standings with VATCAN for a minimum of 6 Months at time of your application.
- Be a qualified Gander Controller for a minimum of 1 Month (30 Days.)
- Have at least 20hrs of experience on Gander/Shanwick Positions.
- Be able to work effectively and cooperatively in a Small Team Environment.
- Be willing to dedicate 2 Hours to the FIR each week for Student Training.
- Have a thorough understanding of the VATCAN & VATUK Oceanic Control Sheet found at
- Maintains a regular online presence.

Application Process:
Applications who meet the above criteria should send an email to Joshua Micallef via [email protected] including the following
- Any experience you have as a Mentor/Instructor[/li]
- Any other details you believe will assist in your Application[/li]

Please Note: This Position does not require an I1/I3 Rating to be considered for the role.

Applications for the Position of Gander Instructor will close on the 20th of January 2018 @ 0400z - Late applications will NOT be accepted
By Joshua Micallef 1342084
#530739 Applications for the position of Gander Oceanic Instructor have been extended to the 28th @ 0800z
By Joshua Micallef 1342084
#531199 Applications closed a while back, thanks to all who applied