Post your requests for support during the upgrade here
By Gunnar Lindahl 967365
#536526 Welcome

This is the official support forum for users needing support with upgrading to Audio for VATSIM. For general support for your client, please visit the pilot support forum and ATC support forum respectively.

How to post your support request

1. Before posting, be sure to look through this forum to see if your question has already been answered or your problem solved. Check that your issue has not already been identified in the Known Issues thread and that it hasn't been addressed in an updated release here.

2. Post a subject which gives a brief overview of your problem, to help others make good use of the forum.

3. Give as much information as possible including your client and operating system. Include screenshots if you can. Try and be as specific as possible to help the team help you.

4. If you find a solution, or you know the solution to another user's issue, please post it to help others.

Useful links

Audio for VATSIM main website - contains the entire Knowledge Base for Audio for VATSIM including the manual and FAQs.

Audio for VATSIM full Manual - detailed technical specifications for how VATSIM's new voice architecture operates. Please note that users who are simply looking to upgrade their client should use the quick start instructions on the Audio for VATSIM website.

Announcement of VATSIM downtime - original announcement explaining process of VATSIM downtime on Sunday 13th October from 2000z.

Simaware - network map with aircraft & ATC radio range rings
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