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By Don Desfosse 1035677
#538180 Connection Errors - CID/Password, Connect Failed/Forbidden/Unauthorized

Most common reasons for the following errors:
1. CID/Password Incorrect
2. Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Forbidden -)
3. Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Unauthorized - ....)

1. Joining, reactivating or changing passwords in the last 24 hours. The database synchronization happens with the FSD servers multiple times a day, but that can mean if you are trying to log on within 24 hours of joining, reactivating or changing passwords, that the server you are trying has not received your updated membership information yet. You are welcome to try other servers to try to find one that has been synced.
2. Copying and pasting the password, and inadvertently copying an extra space character (e.g. at the beginning or the end). Sometimes, when copying in Windows (maybe other OSs too but I don't know) an extra space character is copied and you can't see that when pasting your password.
3. Using wrong password characters when some characters look alike (e.g. one vs. lower case L (l), upper case i (I) vs. lower case L (l), etc.
4. Not using correct capitalization for your password. The FSD server ignored that, but the AFV server requires correct capitalization, so it's possible that you can log onto the network but not voice if using incorrect capitalization in your password.

If in doubt, suggest completely clearing out your password field and very carefully typing in your password, using care to ensure any required capital letters are capitalized.