By John Smith 1454197
#538929 Ok, so I'm using X pilot and tuning to frequencies seems to work when I click it on the Xpilot menu however, I cannot tune to frequencies anymore from the cockpit in the Zibo 737 like I could normally do beforehand. I seem to be switching frequencies according to Xpilot but it's not actually putting me into those frequencies until I click on it in Xpilot. Furthermore when I get on a frequency I can't seem to hear any voice communication.

I am unsure as to what is going on as there is no error message and the only progress I've made is changing my output to standard speakers then changing it back seemed to briefly enable me to hear things but the second I left the settings menu I couldn't hear the communications anymore.
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By Justin Shannon 1215759
#538965 You mention that switching from speaker to headset device briefly allows you to hear audio; if you leave it as your speaker device, can you hear audio?

What headset device are you using? Some users have had success after updating their audio device drivers: viewtopic.php?p=538528#p538528
By John Smith 1454197
John Smith 1454197 wrote:No, Unfortunately switching it to speakers didn't help and when updating it says the best audio driver is already installed so I'm using the latest version

Ok update, Apparently switching to speakers IS working now. I don't know what I did last time to make it not work but it works fine now