By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#539009 Which company made this 757?

For starters, check that the radio panel is set up correctly. vPilot and AFV are very sensitive to the state of your simulated aviation radios' selection buttons and volumes.

If that doesn't help, elaborate on which add-on this is that you're having issues with for additional troubleshooting guidance.
By Justin Shannon 1215759
#539363 Gregory, I've made some changes in v1.1.3.0 to accommodate aircraft models that don't use the standard datarefs.

The .rx command allows you to force which com radio(s) can receive audio.
Code: Select all.rx com# (on|off)
For example: .rx com1 on

Similarly, the .tx command allows you to force which com radio can transmit.
Code: Select all.tx com#
For example: .tx com2