By Greg Barber 903254
#539802 Hi All,

Having just completed almost all of Worldflight using XPilot, the software held up pretty well.

One issue I saw a couple of times (and I am not aware of it being reported before) on my system and on another persons system via a stream is the occasionaly freeze of all traffic. This manifest itself during the cruise with all the traffic ahead of you appearing in more or less one place, at their respective levels. You slowly close up on them and then pass all the traffic at once. Disconnecting from VATSIM and reconnecting seems to fix the problem but it's like something out of the twilight zone or bermuda triangle there for a few minutes until you figure out what's going on.

Anyway, just thought I'd post it here in case it's not been reported or shown up at some other time.
By Justin Shannon 1215759
#539804 Unfortunately without log files, it's difficult to determine if it was caused by network lag or lag within X-Plane itself.

Do you recall what your frame rate was when this happened (if you know)?
By Greg Barber 903254
#539805 Hi,

Ok next time I see it, I'll be sure and save the log.txt.

It happens in the cruise. I generally get around 80FPS then. I know the other guy who saw it had a beefy PC and gets at least these FPS in cruise.