By Rodney Denholm 1365624
#539892 Hey there flight sim captains :
When i transmit on the uni-com frequency 122.80 all i get is a soft to ultra loud distortion through my headset and i also hear my own voice when i transmit ! its a bit belated but it's definitely there, and it almost blows my ears out, is there a fix for this or is someone aware of how to stop this from occurring, any help on this would be greatly appreciated ?

I even went and bought a new headset yesterday just to eliminate that part too.......
AreJay Thanks in advance..... :D
By Justin Shannon 1215759
#539898 Precursor: This is not an xPilot only issue.

Have you checked the following options in your Windows audio settings (per the AFV Common Issues page)?

My volume suddenly goes very loud or very quiet

Ensure that the following setting is not set in your Audio Properties within Windows:

1) Right Click your speaker within Windows next to the clock

2) Select Sounds

3) Navigate to Communications

4) Select Do Nothing