By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#539927 No landing gear & lights usually means you have another pilot client plugin in your Resources/plugins folder -- or another plugin that controls AI traffic.

It's sometimes not enough to disable these in the Plugins menu -- it's more effective if you drag those folders onto your desktop or somewhere outside the X-Plane root directory.
By Justin Shannon 1215759
charles rolle 1442658 wrote:i've remove all other plugins ,like ivao, the planes are in a good elevation but no gear visible

You still have a plugin that is conflicting... What plugins do you have in your X-Plane Resources/plugins folder?
By charles rolle 1442658
#540384 first , thank you for your reactivity , finally the problem was fix it , even if you put out of plugin folder the folder X-IvAp Resources ,and you forget the files fmod64 and X-IvAp-64 , you don't fix it , so i put out all the resources of ivao , and it works !! what a pleasure.... and the audio codec is fantastic ! congrats to all of you.
Best regards