By Craig Deitch 813092
#540176 I’ve noticed two datarefs: xpilot/ptt and xpilot/version. I can’t work out what ptt does although it would be great if it indicated when the ptt was activated because I could put that in a VR window. Is that what it’s supposed to do? Version indicates a value of ‘’ which may be out of date unless it relates to the plugin. I am using xpilot v1.1.5.0.

Cheers, Craig.
By Justin Shannon 1215759
#540200 Hi Craig,

The "xpilot/ptt" dataref indicates whether the PTT is actively pressed (1=Active, 0=Inactive).

The "xpilot/version" dataref has no use for endusers; it's used only by the UI client to determine the plugin version.

Additionally, I introduced a command binding in which allows you to bind a PTT key or button within X-Plane instead of through the xPilot Client. This should be helpful for those that use VR.
By Justin Shannon 1215759
#540467 I have confirmed that I forgot to add an event to toggle the "xpilot/ptt" dataref value if the PTT (set within the xPilot UI) is pressed.

However, if you bind your PTT within X-Plane, the "xpilot/ptt" dataref value will change accordingly.

I will fix this in the next release.