By Andrew Grey 1345811
#513273 At the risk of getting my head tore off, I must ask:

I am not sure, nor can I find the answer for the requirements to remain current on VATSIM so that I do not get terminated. One flight per month?

Having said that, I am having problems with vPilot, I can't get the model matching to work properly, and I do not have the time or the patience to figure it out.

So, is there any way I can opt out of my VATSIM membership without being permanently terminated? I may have time in the future to get this working properly, but for now I do not. If and when I do have the time, I would like to return to VATSIM.

How do I go about doing this, or will I just be suspended/terminated for not fulfilling the flight time requirements?

By Nicholas Cavacini 1084329
#513274 Hi Andrew,

If you don't connect to the network, your account will eventually be placed on an inactive status. To reactivate, all you would need to do is visit and click on reactivate your account.
By Lindsey Wiebe 1101951
#513275 Hi Andrew,

You won't get your head torn off here.

There is no requirement for vatsim (unlike most VA's). I had my CID a loooooong time ago, left for years, then just needed a password reset to get going again.

As for vPilot, don't give up! Make sure you are using version 2.* as the model matching is automatic; as well make sure you have models for it to find (WOAI is the most common and easiest).
By Michael Mund-Hoym 1038942
#516298 Thank you for asking this Andrew, as I am sure many members are interested to know.

Going by the official rules governing VATSIM, allow me to quote the relevant section in the VATSIM Code of Regulations in regards to Maintenance of Membership.

VATSIM Code of Regulations, §1.01 I. wrote:I. Maintenance of Membership: [...] a member must log on and use the network as pilot and/or controller at least once during the previous calendar quarter. [...] For good cause shown, this requirement may be waived at the sole discretion of the Vice President of Membership. [...]

Currently the setup is a little more lenient than the 'must log on and use the network as pilot and/or controller at least once during the previous calendar quarter' requirement above and the time frame of inactivity until an account is marked as inactive is extended. We understand that VATSIM is a hobby and support an easy access especially for those members with heavy real world commitments. That notwithstanding, the Vice President of Membership has the right to cancel the current 'waiver' if deemed necessary.

Should your account have been marked as inactive the reactivation process, as pointed out by Nicholas, is fairly simple and can be completed by the member him- or herself. You need to know your either your VATSIM ID or your last name and password reminder word for the system to positively identify your VATSIM account, as well as the e-mail address tied to your VATSIM account to process the account reactivation.

Should you not remember the requested information or have any other VATSIM account or membership related matter you would like to address, please open a help ticket at We will be happy to assist.