By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#439390 you cant download them from FSNav directly anymore, that was from the old fsnav website.

there was another site which i cant remember at the moment that had a bunch, majority were for south america though.

my recommendation is just add them manually and save them as you use them.

also remember that youll still have to use the charts as the charts will have more information about the procedure which is very important. if you dont have the chart, i do not recommend filing the procedure or accepting it if its assigned to you. otherwise you potentially may end up flying it wrong simply because you missed the important information in the chart remarks or description.
By Daniel Hawton 876594
Tomek Kowalik 1192678 wrote:So without the charts it's not possible to fly SID and STAR procedures?

It is HIGHLY NOT recommended. Just because your FMC has it doesn't mean it will fly the procedure correctly. That is why the charts exist.

When you file procedure X, we as ATC expect the full procedure to be flown. Telling us you can fly it by filing it or accepting it if we assign it means that you will fly it as charted and that's what we ATC expect when we sequence you with other aircraft. If you don't follow the charted procedure, you're going to mess up our traffic flows.
By Joshua Tubbs 1382787
#523921 Hi there,

I'm another blind pilot here, curious to know if it's still possible to fly with any kind of realism. Now that Its your Plane is gone, I am not sure how to use FSX pilot effectively to get going.
FSNavigator's successor, FSTramp, appears to be inaccessible, in that I'm not sure how to fly a flightplan once loaded. I got it loaded, but it's trial and error.

Any details as to the best programs to use would be great for this.
By Joshua Tubbs 1382787
#523958 Hi Rick,

Thanks for the link. I was hoping Juan would chime in here, because I see he's been logging in as of late. I sent him a PM but he probably doesn't check those.

As far as contextual menus, in FSXSE, yeah they work for the simulator. I just wish there was a site that had textual charts, as I'd be stuck on Vatsim trying to figure out what the published altitudes and speed restrictions are for various Sids and Stars.