By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
#529705 Hello,

Over the past couple weeks, I have been developing a "Bot" for Discord and TeamSpeak. The functionality of this bot will allow for ARTCCs to setup ranks, that will be automatically assigned when controllers join their respective Discord or TeamSpeak server.

The bot is still under development, but I am close to finishing the version for Discord, and then will proceed to TeamSpeak. I was just wondering if any ARTCC's would be interested in using such a system, the way the sync works, is a controller will need to login to SSO, and then enter their TeamSpeak Unique Identifier, and with Discord it will either be their Discord ID, or logging in and confirming their account with OAuth.

Just would like other peoples thoughts,

- Jordan.
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By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
Jeremy Peterson 1234727 wrote:If approved by VATSIM & VATUSA, it would be useful for ZNY and I’m sure, others.

I'll do my best to try and get in touch, and have it approved. I intend on making a video with examples of how the system will work.
By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
Calum Towers 1258635 wrote:Would be interested to take a look. Will you be making the code open source?

I haven't quite decided yet. I wrote an API that works with it, which is already available on Github. I had an idea, where (specifically for TeamSpeak) the ARTCCs could host it themselves (mainly because of security concerns with ServerQuery).

Here is the link for the API I wrote (the bot(s) will be using a slightly modified version);

- Jordan.
By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
Calum Towers 1258635 wrote:Would be interested in taking a look. Will you be making the code open source?

The Discord & TeamSpeak version will both be open source after testing is done, and will have documentation available for both. The TeamSpeak version will come with a GUI as it requires a bit of configuration to work with Server Query on TeamSpeak.

- Jordan.
By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
#529880 Hi,

So I've pretty much finished the Discord end of Sync, as well as the website where users will log into SSO. I'd like to get it in it's working environment and run it for a bit (meaning on a production server to see if there are any issue that may occur while its running that was not found during testing).

I made a short video showing how the setup process works on Discord:

I know more people are probably interested in the TeamSpeak end of things, so I'll try my best to get working on it as soon as possible.

I'd like to know what you think about the setup process, and if there is anything you would like to see changed/added.

By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
#530081 Hi,

I've finished both the TeamSpeak and Discord Bots and the website. I just need to grab up a domain and send in a request for an SSO key.

If you are interested in using it on TeamSpeak feel free to send me a message.
Discord only requires an invite, so once it's released, I'll put the link on this thread.