By Collin McCord 1444270
#529837 Hi, I'm brand new here, and was going to head over to the VATUSA website but it didn't seem to work. I tried three different browsers, Opera, Chrome, and Firefrox, and it didn't load in any of them. Is still the correct address or is it just my end, or is the website actually down. Thanks in advance.
By Collin McCord 1444270
#529857 I've spent the last 2 hours trying everything I can find about getting websites to load, and nothing seems to work. I'm nearly on the verge of giving up. Any help would be appreciated. Also to note, is that the main site, every time I go to enter the site my browser tells me it is not safe, and after having problems with the vatusa site I'm starting to think they're not safe.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#529859 With VATSIM having over 80,000 active members, many using the VATSIM website and forums each day, and VATUSA having about 20,000 active members, many using the VATUSA website and forums each day, and no one else reporting this type of issue, plus the fact that you can access them fine from your phone, I can tell you with reasonable certainty that the VATSIM and VATUSA websites are safe and the problem seems to be on your end, particularly with your computer. Sorry, I wish I knew how to help you fix it. Perhaps try checking your spam/AV programs and allow exceptions and see if that helps. Good luck.