Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Wessel Ubink 1365800
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Are you still proficient in flying all types of approaches? Come Fly the Flight Academy and find
out! This event is held at Groningen Airport Eelde (EHGG) on Sunday the 18th of March.
Home to the KLM Flight Academy, Eelde Airport is the perfect place to practise all kinds of
special skills!

Everyone is invited to drop by in their favourite aircraft - small or large. Practise anything from
circling approaches to simulated engine failures, hop on a VFR flight to explore the northern
Dutch provinces or try a touch & go in a Boeing 777 as is regularly done in the real world!
Scenery can be found here. We'll be fully staffed between 18:30 and 21:00 UTC!