Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Pedro Dias 1148495
#523248 Guys that are using time different than real UTC, you use to your position reports.

I am nervous too!! It will be my first CPT and I haven't a slot.

I will try to keep my patience high enough!! :twisted:

Good CPT for everybody! See you in the skies 8)
By Matthew Cianfarani 993838
#523275 As was posted by Chris on the CTP website:

We have an opportunity for you to leave feedback about the event by logging in and clicking the ATC/Pilot feedback link!. Login at
By Celestyn Chmielewski 952101
#523277 Team, thanks for another lovely event! I throughly enjoyed my time despite difficultly contacting Edmonton Centre in later part of my flight but approach went well without any further problem!

Was unusual to not give position report today (or yesterday since time already went passed midnight!) mainly because Reykjavik Control went radar environment long ago and also cover Greenland too! It is my first time ever to visit second Canadian airport since I started my virtual flying career long time ago and it was very nice to see Canada's interesting land shape after repeated visits to America's land!
By Trent Hopkinson 812681
#523300 Vattastic timelapse (a couple of points when vattastic stopped updating for as much as an hour unfortunately, but here we go)

By Joaquin Blanco 860975
#523307 This one for me was one of the best CTP ever, flying route LEBL-KIAD on NAT Track N. The flight plan was a bit strange and wouldn't validate because of a number of errors and prevented uploading it to Vroute for use by others. Also couldn't find NAT Track N on the daily NAT tracks, last one being Track F.

Many thanks to all those who spent many hours organizing and controlling this event. Also to all the pilots taking part.
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#523326 I concur with the event being great. A particular shout-out to the guys at Heathrow who got me off ONE MINUTE after my scheduled CTOT, despite my best efforts to screw it up. Amazing team over there.

If you want to see a video of some of those aforementioned screw-up efforts, check this mess out, lol: