Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Marius Gebauer 1138043
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Flexible Operations is the freedom of flying where ever you want and the duty to stick to a strict schedule when preparing your flight in order to comply with your slot time, like a real pilot.
You can book a slot from or to Stuttgart airport and still have the chance to choose where you want to depart or arrive:
If you decide to book a departure slot, you can fly to any airport you prefer and if you book an arrival slot, you can take any departure airport.
It is your call whether to fly a short or long haul. Or maybe you want to fly a scenic VFR flight across rural Swabia?
You can enjoy your flight and our controller crew provides full ATC coverage from delivery to radar service in keeping with the motto "as real as it gets".

Where? Stuttgart Airport (EDDS)
When? Thursday, 31th of May 2018 from 1600z until 2000z

All pilots are cordially invited so make sure not to miss this unique opportunity and catch up to three of the coveted slots right now:

Slot Booking: