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The RG Frankfurt and New York ARTCC proudly present the second intercontinental City-LongHaul-Shuttle in the history of VATSIM. Start the biggest aircraft you have, make this extraordinary voyage from "Mainhattan" to Manhattan and visit the Big Apple on the other side of the Atlantic.

You can expect the best ATC-Service, including the Oceanic Stations, throughout the entire trip. This special Shuttle is not one to be missed!

We will start in Frankfurt at 12:00z on Saturday, December 28, 2019.

We are guaranteeing that with our booking system, in which you can choose your own slot, you will never be standing for hours on end waiting for departure. Do not worry if it seems like all the bookings are gone! As soon as we see that there might be a problem, we will open more slots so that no one on VATSIM will have a reason to not participate.



Frankfurt EDDF:

Charts New York KJFK:


Oceanic Procedures:
Transatlantic Radio Operations Checksheet:

For further information and charts see our event website:
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