Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Terrence Scanlan 810628
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As the logo says, it is the 10th anniversary of WorldFlight, VATSIM'S longest running event. Seven days of continual flying with ATC guaranteed 24/7 and all for a good cause. Each of the eight teams comprising the WorldFlight Group will raise money for their selected charity. To celebrate this occasion, CAPTAIN SIM and AEROSOFT along with Sky Blue Radio will sponsor the WFG (WorldFlight Group). More details with links to the schedule and flight plans can be found at You have 45 legs to choose from so why not visit the site and pick up a scheduled flight that suits your availability and fly along with us.

Terry Scanlan
On Behalf Of The WFG
By John Golin 811695
#384000 WorldFlight has some new features this year -

* Follow the crews on Twitter with automated OOOI and Tweets from the flightdecks @WorldFlight
* Check operational NOTAMs provided by WorldFlight ATC at WFNOTAMs

It pays to check the WorldFlight Group website and follow the feeds as our sponsors are also showing support by providing special offers to all of YOU.
By Wygene Chong 1089621
#384008 Fly UK Virtual Airways will be supporting this event as usual, with 4 flights scheduled this year. Please view our press release below: ... ase&id=598

Feel free to join us in flight!
By Trent Hopkinson 812681
#384111 Although they are available on the websites, I will also be tweeting each flight plan of the next flight about 1 hour before each scheduled departure on my twitter

I will also be flying (in a real plane to relocate my physical self :wink: ) to Hobart on the 1st and 2nd day of worldflight and then up to Sydney for the next few days and hopefully interviewing some of the pilots/atc/organizers of worldflight, and when the opportunity presents itself, uploading some videos of the 2 Australian crews. When those uploads go up is a bit of a mystery even to myself, it depends when I can get time to edit the videos and upload them, but when they do go up I will be sure to note that on the musicalaviator twitter feed too.

Just a few days to go now, looking forward to it!
By Terrence Scanlan 810628
#384116 It has been the practice over the last two WorldFlights to track each callsign of the a/c that join us and to acknowledge their contribution via the WFG website. This year is special as Captain Sim will be donating 5 of their software packages that will be awarded to :
The first three Pilots accumlating the most time flying with the WFG (WFG members are excluded)
Two quiz questions that can be answered on SkyBlue Radio
Also Aerosoft are making available a 20% discount on all their software during the 1st week of november to celebrate the 10th anniversary of WorldFlight. This discount is available to any VATSIM member whether they fly with the group or not.
Terry Scanlan
WorldFlight Group
By Johnny Coughlan 861497
#384120 Best of luck to all the teams involved!, being a crew member in the WFUSA 737Sim during 2006/7/8 I know those seven days next week will be interesting :wink:.

May it be the end of the first 10 years and the beginning of the next 10 years of WorldFlight!
By Skip Fulton 811307
#385242 World Flight is airborne for 2010. Approximately 45 aircraft are flying between Sydney and Nadi, Fiji on the first of fourty five flights over the next 7 days. has links to each of the teams in the World Flight Group.

Worldflight Australia Team 737 in Hobart is airborne with the crew of Nic DAlessandro and Andy Banner pushing back from the gate 1 minute early and having just become airborne on runway 16R at Sydney. Your can follow our team on the website or please follow us on Twitter.
By Wygene Chong 1089621
#385297 And Fly UK Virtual Airways has kicked off our campaign for World Flight Scotland, releasing our bookings schedule and events.

Fundraising and General Information

Flights and Bookings

Event I - Mon 1st Nov - San Francisco to Seattle
Event II - Thurs 4th Nov - Cairo to Patra
Event III - Thurs 4th Nov - Patra to Milan
Event IV - Sat 6th Nov - Bangkok to Singapore

We invite all pilots to join us for these event flights and others as we raise money for worthy causes worldwide!
By Daniel Mandracken 982389
#385314 CRUD!!

I wanted to fly along on the first flight but I got the date wrong. The schedule said Monday November 1st as the start date. I was thinking UTC time and missed the reference to "Sydney" time.

Oh well, I'll catch some of the flights tonight.

By Ryan Geckler 1104849
Aharon Dayan 1090798 wrote:What about daylight saving time that ends on Nov 4 or something?? That means zulu time will be now 5 hours different from EST time zone.


Also, do I have to pay to participate in this event?


It's November 7th, and no.
By Aharon Dayan 1090798
#385403 I would like to participate in the flights but I am baffled by the conflicting schedules.

On the main webpage, it says that WF106 will depart this Tuesday the 2nd at 23:50z from CYQR to KDEN. However, on World Flight Australian 737 team, the same flight departs TODAY at 23:40Z.

Which one is correct?

I would like to fly WF106 tomorrow night and WF110 which is this Wed night at 22:30z from SLLP to SGAS.

Please tell me my schedule info that I got from websites is correct or not.

Although I am going to fly on Vatsim, what do I need to get on that website's flight map to show my flight's progress?