Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Florian Rimoli 1225664
#480948 Hello dear friends.

I suppose that most of you already know what happened to our beloved country.
Far away from me to launch any kind of philosophical nor political debate. NO. Again, far away from me to try out a solemn speech, people much more clever than me already did the job from the last 48hrs.

It is certain, if there is indeed something in can do, something WE can do, is to show our compassion, our support, our fervor on the network.


All of VAT France's Team and myself invites you, this saturday 10/01/2015 from 1500z to 1800z, to a particular event : Un vol pour CHARLIE / a Flight for CHARLIE.

Departure : LFPG
Destination : At your own discretion ;) ! A place you feel good to be !

Feel free to take a CHARXXX exceptionally for the occasion.

What better way than to honor this symbol by living our passion ?

Friendly pilots, we count on you. Everybody is welcome, because WE ARE ALL CHARLIE !

Again, see no serious form of political action, but a fellowship and a good way to unite us in this difficult time. Hate is excluded, only unity approved ;)

A tous, merci !
To all thanks !

Fell free to share the event with your friends.


PS : some random info for anybody unfamiliar with the context ... arget-raid ... oting.html
By Pierre Ferran 1259058
#481041 Bonjour,

I need to thank every single pilot that flew the event, it was a (too) big success, event though we expected to have more controllers, last minute real life problems caused us to be a bit short staffed, sorry for the eventual delays. But again, we are so happy so many pilots flew (I even think we "broke" the server a some point :p)

A few pilot said goodbye then added "Je suis charlie", I got the chills each times I heard that :oops:

A few preliminary statisics


A few screenshots




The EuroScope log file is around 500Mo !

Thank you again, we will not forget.
#NousSommesCharlie (#WeAreCharlie)