Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Ahmed Radwan 1070757
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EGvACC, CvACC and LEBvACC are excited to announce the return of the "LEVANTINE TRIANGLE" event!

Egypt, Cyprus and Lebanon have been connected for eons historically, culturally and most importantly, geographically; as all three countries have coastlines on the Levantine Sea - the easternmost part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, we invite you to bring this trade route back alive by flying a 3-way city hop, between Paphos (LCPH/PFO), Cairo (HECA/CAI) and Beirut (OLBA/BEY) on Friday, March 11th, 2016 between 17 and 20 zulu, while enjoying FULL ATC presence!

For more information, charts, routes and sceneries, kindly visit the event website: