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By John Da Costa 1285061
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From the creators of Vatsim Pandemic:

It's summer in the science continent. Antarctica is the most extreme of places for pilots, and for the first time we get to help scientists from all over the world to prepare for the winter months by bringing supplies, scientists and fuel to the most remote and isolated places in the whole world.

We would love to have controllers helping out with McMurdo FIS.... nobody ever uses it.....

Objective: Bring over to Antarctica 4000 Tons of Cargo 3500 People and 2000 Tons of fuel to several stations in the continent.


-You need to start in Argentina, South Africa or New Zealand
-Your next flight needs to start from where you finished the last flight.
-Fuel and Tonnage needs to be tracked (shared tools will be available), Your plane needs to be able to take the weights you are transporting
-Each Antarctica Station has a demand for a certain number of the 3 resources. Fullfill those needs to win
-You can only fly planes and helicopters that are available in Antarctica. You wanna fly it you need to bring it to Antartica (you can ferry helicopters and ga planes in bigger planes)
-You can ferry other pilots in your plane.

-Coordinate, create stockpiles in bigger airports and then transport in smaller planes or helicopters inland
-Check the google sheets and maps often
-High Altitudes and very low temperatures can affect your plane's performance
-Bring return fuel. Remember if you don't you will need to use fuel in Antarctica to head back which decreases the fuel level of Antarctica.

Winning: Supply all stations to demanded amount and leave Antarctica before end of 03/02/2019

A discord is available to coordinate:

The map is being elaborated now, so if you want to help out let us know!

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By Trent Hopkinson 812681
#529903 Australia (Hobart) to Wilkins YWKS in the Skytraders Airbus A319 (Callsign is "Snowbird")