Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Diarra Hoyte 1187518
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VATCAR presents ‘Light Up The Caribbean II’ which will take place on Saturday 16th February from 2300z to 0400z. This will be a special event as every FIR within VATCAR along with Miami Oceanic will be staffed providing ATC for the entire Caribbean. Furthermore, this event is sponsored by RWY26 Sim and a lucky pilot will have the chance to win a scenery produced by them.

Which FIRs/ARTCCs are taking part?

Nassau FIR |
Havana FIR |
Kingston FIR |
San Juan CERAP |
Piarco FIR |
Port-au-Prince FIR |
Santo Domingo FIR |
Curacao FIR |
Miami Oceanic |

How can I enter for a chance to win?

One pilot will be randomly selected from the list of entries. A pilot may submit more than one entry provided it is a different flight per entry.


1. Departure or Arrival airport must be within VATCAR. Full list of FIRs can be found here.
2. Departure or Arrival must be within the event time.
3. #lightupthecaribbeanevent must be in your remarks
4. Submit your entry here.
By Andre Almeida 1333905
#530637 That was my fault, I apologize, missed the topic. I usually double check I got every event, but it must still have gone unnoticed somehow...

It has been published now, , and I'll message the social media guy to make sure it still gets shared on SM even if it was added late to the calendar.