Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Radek Fijalkowski 1304822
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Dear pilots!
Its time to invite you for the second part of our event - Visit Poland! Every two week our ATCOs will staff two airports for you to enjoy flying in Polish airspace!
At this time we invite you to Szczecin and Zielona Góra! (Yeah, we know it is hard to pronnounce, but these two airports are small and beautiful)! Our friendly ATCOs are waiting for you on 15th of February 2019 between 19 and 21 UTC!
Make sure that you prepare yourself properly as both airports have procedural (non-radar) control! As only one aircraft can fly in non-radar zone you should plan your fuel to be able to hold for a while.

Charts, sceneries and more informations:

See you there!